1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) Village Map

The 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) village is located in the state Rajasthan having state code 08 and having the village code 069188. The Bikaner is the district of this village with district code 101. The total geographical area in which this village is expanded in 498 hectares / 4.98 Square Kilometers (km2) / 1230.5847997065 acres. The content of this page is for your general information and use only.

Village Name1Dodd - B (Deli Talai)
Village Code Number069188
Geographical Area498 hectares / 4.98 Square Kilometers (km2) / 1230.5847997065 acres

Map of 1Dodd B Deli Talai Village in Rajasthan Image

Location Details

The 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) village is situated in the Bikaner district with district code number 101. Poogal is the subdistrict (tehsil / mandal), is a low-level administrative division of a district, of this village, having the sub district code is 00474. Khajuwala is the Community Development Block (C.D. Block) of this village with C.D. Block code number 0017. Poogal is the Sub-district headquarter of this village and it is situated 36 kilometres away from this village. The district headquarters' name is Bikaner and as per distance concern it is 106 kilometres from the 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) village.

1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) location details
Community Development Block (C.D. Block) NameKhajuwala
Sub District NamePoogal
District NameBikaner
State NameRajasthan

1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) on Google Map

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Nearest Towns / Cities

Bikaner is the nearest statutory town of the village 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai), which is 106 kilometres away from the village. Rajasthan is the nearest statutory town of this village lies within the state of Rajasthan.

1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) Households and Populations

The total number of households in 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) village are 205. It rely on the total population of 1085 people. As far as male population concern the number of population is 573 of the village 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) and the total female population number is 512. The reference taken to publish these data is of year 2009. The source of data is Census of India.

Sex Ratio

The sex ratio is the ratio of 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) males to females in the population of 1085 (normalized to 100). In most sexually reproducing species, the ratio tends to be 1:1 as it is explained by Fisher's principle. The sex ratio of 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) village is 111.9140625.

1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) population and Sex ratio details
Total Households205
Total 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) Village Population1085
Total Male Population573
Total Female Population512
Sex Ratio111.9140625

1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) Survey Numbers

How to get 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) village map with survey numbers in Rajasthan?

A survey number is a unique number given to an unambiguous piece of 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) village land in order to maintain a record of the location, size, shape and proprietorship information of the property. The land survey number works as a record of information relating to a specific plot of 1Dodd - B (Deli Talai) property in Rajasthan state. It is beneficial when registering plots, selling plots, resolving legal disputes, for planning the development of neighbouring areas and so on.

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